Want to sell in just 28 days? This is how…

You could sell faster than you think with a Traditional Auction.

What could you sell for?
Although selling your house on the open market is the most common type of property sale, it doesn't necessarily mean it’s the right one for you. For anyone who's watched Homes Under the Hammer, you’ll have an idea of what a traditional auction looks like. It’s swift and extends your circle of potential purchasers, making it the right decision for lots of sellers.

What are the benefits of selling at auction?

Just 28 days from instruction to completion

Auctions are your fastest method of sale. A legally binding contract between the buyer and the seller is formed as soon as the hammer falls, with the majority of sales completing within the following 28 days. That means you could be sold and moved within a month. That’s quick.

No ceiling price

Competitive bidding during the short selling window can lead to properties selling for much more than expected. Buyers have less time to negotiate offers or think through pricing strategy. People often get wrapped up in the auction energy and it’s not uncommon for lots to sell for more than £100,000 over their guide price!

Reduced risk of sale falling through

Buyers are legally bound to pay a 10% deposit as soon as they win the sale. The remaining balance on the property must be paid within 28 days. For this reason, it’s very unlikely for buyers to back out of a sale.

Who are traditional auctions right for?

Some properties naturally benefit from being sold at auction…

  • Unusual properties that can be hard to value
  • Properties requiring modernisation
  • Properties with a short lease
  • Land
  • Investment properties – with or without tenants in situ

  • But auctions attract plenty of residential homes too. Properties sell, on average, 5 times faster than through private treaty so this suits sellers who want a quick hassle-free sale.

    Why not see what you could sell for at auction?