An in-depth guide to the buy-to-let market

An in-depth guide to the buy-to-let market

– October 2019

Written by: Ying Tan – Founder and Chief Executive, Dynamo

In the modern age, we have access to a plethora of information, but when you see an in-depth report from a specialist buy-to-let lender then you tend to sit up and take notice.

The buy-to-let sector is never short of news or data. In recent weeks we’ve seen a raft of lender research around the increase of limited company borrowing and rental yields across the UK.

Buy to Let: The Landlord Experience produced by The Mortgage Lender evaluates how landlords feel about the market in general, especially in light of all the major changes which have taken place in the last few years.

I won’t spoil this too much but just a couple of take-outs from this include:

  • Just under half of landlords using a mortgage to purchase their property are utilising the expertise of a specialist buy-to-let mortgage broker to fund their investment, with just one in eight getting specialist tax advice to help them manage their portfolios.
  • On a hugely positive note, it also found that 84% landlords are committed to the buy-to-let market and want to maintain or increase the number of properties in their portfolios over the next year.

This kind of report is a must read for any landlord as it provides an in-depth guide to the buy-to-let market, including landlord obligations and yields around the country, plus landlord case studies to demonstrate the depth of borrower circumstances which the lenders are dealing with on a regular basis.

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